Monday, April 20, 2009

Mike McVay Tours Delmarva-land

Mike McVay's tour through Delmarva-land took him to Delmarva Broadcastings stations in Central Delaware. Pictured (L-R) is the Delmarva team. OM/PD Steve Monz, APD Gary John, General Manager Mike Kazala and our fearless leader.

Mike McVay, Joe Edwards at the 97.5 Cat Country/Salisbury, MD morning team went to the Delmarva Shorebirds minor league baseball game during Mike's recent visit to the station. This picture is out of focus because Brian (of Dixie and Brian) had consumed so much alcohol that these two looked "in focus" to him.

The Shorebirds have a baseball player whose name is Hoes. It's pronounced in a fashion that made this picture seem funny when we snapped it.

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