Tuesday, March 29, 2011


There may be many too young to know what a tape recorder was. But, while visiting NPR affiliated client KUOW/Seattle, McVay Media's Holland Cooke got all wistful in the break room where staffers munch-their-lunch. The tables are reel-to-reel machines, on respectfully-refurbished original equipment caster wheels, retrofitted with Plexiglas table tops. And, of course, ornamental splicing block, razor blade, grease pencil, and paper leader. If you don't understand that last sentence, it's past your bed time.

You'd HAVE to be "Radio's Best Friend"

You'd HAVE to be "Radio's Best Friend" to sit in the front row! But Art Vuolo (R) was up-front in a SRO session McVay Media's Holland Cooke (L) presented at the Michigan Association of Broadcasters' recent Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference

Mike McVay and actor Ron Jeremy

Mike McVay and actor Ron Jeremy pose during the recent City of Hope dinner in NYC. Ron is the one on the left.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Romeo (the peacock)

Jim Martin, owner of the Number One Rated Cluster in Columbus, GA, sent along this picture of Romeo (the peacock) who is "fanning" for the photographer. Jimbo said that having these peacocks is like having your own NBC logo ... walking around your yard.

Billboard idea

Promotion guru and wizard Paige Nienaber shares this billboard idea. Imagine adding your station logo to this billboard. How good would this be for a News/Talk or a Country station?

Dueling Laptops

McVay New Media President Daniel Anstandig and Executive Vice President Jon Erdahl are working from Jon's home ... on the weekend ... stoked on Red Bull and pecking away at their Apples. We caught the fact that the sun is shining outside. The question is ... Did they work all night ... or is this a shot of The Midnight Sun in Alaska?

The Finer Things in Life

Mark Imbach (Manager of Shine-FM/Calgary) toasts McVay Media with a glass of Coca-Cola and a cigar provided by Mike McVay.

The City of Hope Dinner

Jussie Smollett, Actor/Singer/Song Writer, Mike McVay of McVay Media, Mark LaSpina of FMQB Magazine. The picture was shot at The City of Hope Dinner in NYC on March 23rd.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Donny Osmond Visits KBEE in Salt Lake City!

Donny Osmond, host of the McVay Syndication "Donny Osmond Show," recently made a special visit to affiliate KBEE/Salt Lake City and was the guest of honor at an Advertiser Lunch.

Pictured is Donny with station advertisers and listeners...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bob & Sheri

Syndicated personalities Bob & Sheri recently visited WLTC/ 103-7 Lite FM in Columbus, GA. They were there as masters of ceremony for The Georgia Air Show.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to Canadian Music Week in Toronto

Welcome to Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Mike McVay, Daniel Anstandig, Dave Lange, Chris Byrnes and Mike O'Malley all represented The Advisors Alliance quite nicely. This is a poster that was positioned outside of the conference center door. It's a collector item. Pictured are longtime friends Erica Farber, Fred Jacobs, Valerie Geller and our own Mike and Daniel.

Welcome to Canada and Canadian Music Week ... where every radio station is named Jack. These guys are a breakfast team on ... well ... a station named Jack-FM! They play whatever they want.

This is a LIVE display for the promoters INDIE POOL. They featured what was designed to look like a trashed hotel room, beer bottles and an unconscious woman. They were actually asking people if they wanted to pose with the model. Right! That picture would be titled "Exhibit A" in the divorce trial.


Lite-FM/Columbus, GA Program Director Brian Waters in a Navy WWII Fighter Plane.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Country Radio Seminar

WGAR-FM/Cleveland PD Charley Connolly poses with Mike on the Sony Records "Boat" during the Country Radio Seminar.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jessica and Ryan with 311

Jessica McVay (McVay New Media) and Ryan Kershner (McVay Syndication) pose with the band 3-11 during a recent 311 cruise. Welcome to McVay Media and McVay New Media's world of Rock & Roll.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Country Radio Seminar

Pictured at the Country Radio Seminar (L-R) Charlie Cook, Mike McVay, BMI's Dean Spears, and broker Tim Minowskie

Monday, March 07, 2011

The Biggest Team in Radio

(L-R) Jeff Garrison (PD of KMLE/Phoenix), Mike McVay and Tim Poleman (GM of KMLE/Phoenix) pose at the Sony Boat during The Country Radio Seminar in Nashville.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Piano- Pop- Rock Songstress Whitney Wolanin

Piano- Pop- Rock Songstress Whitney Wolanin prior to herlive performance at Sunset Sessions, San Diego with Rick Gillette PD CBS Radio.
Photo Credit: TopNotch® Records- Victoria Wolanin

The Disciple

Mike McVay in Desin, FL at Sunset.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ashley Mann and Rick Dees

Ashley Mann (Morning show host of "The Nashville Buzz" on 95.5 FM WSM) and her Radio Hero, Rick Dees, catch up at Cumulus Nashville studios.

Dan Halyburton

Self portrait of Dan Halyburton on a call at a fire for the Dallas Red Cross. It was about 19 degrees and snow in Dallas. The fire left 42 homeless.