Thursday, March 27, 2008

The McVay Media Mascot on Easter

Cool Pa and Baby Elle, the McVay Media Mascot, on Easter Sunday morning.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

FOM Dinner at TRS

The FRIENDS OF MIKE(FOM) Dinners are becoming famous at the conventions and seminars. This one is from TRS (Talk Radio Seminar '08) from Radio & Records Magazine.

Pictured Back Row
(L-R) Scott Payton (Production & Imaging), Daniel Anstandig (McVay New Media), Rob Nichols (Emmis Interactive), Mike McVay (McVay Media), Sheila Kirby (Interep), Eric Weiss (The Weiss Agency), Joe Bartlett (Mornings on WOR/NYC) and Bob Murphy (Murphy, Sam & Jodi Syndicated Morning Show)

Front Row (L-R) Holland Cooke (McVay Media), Michelle Jerson ( Correspondent), Heather Cohen (The Weiss Agency).

Heather Cohen Receives Award at TRS

Heather Cohen, of The Weiss Agency (and a consultant to McVay Media) received a 2008 Industry Achievement Award from Radio & Records Magazine during the recent Talk Radio Seminar in Washington, DC.
Pictured with Heather and the Award is Eric Weiss, President of The Weiss Agency.

Talk Radio Seminar in Washington D.C.

Holland Cooke, United Stations talk show host Lou Dobbs, and Mike McVay pose together at TRS (The Talk Radio Seminar) in Washington, DC.

The glamorous life: News/Talk specialist Holland Cooke spends time with Michelle Jerson ( and Heather Cohen of the Weiss Agency.

Jeff Katz, air talent at WBT/Charlotte, poses with Eric Weiss of The Weiss Agency during TRS '08 in Washington, DC.

Daniel Anstandig and Rob Nichols, Emmis Interactive Indianapolis, during the Interactive Seminar at TRS (Talk Radio Seminar) in Washington, DC. Daniel moderated the session held on March 14th.

Consultants and Strategists John Parikhal, Michael Packer joined Mike McVay for a rare photo op. The three programming wizards have more than 120 years of combined experience. (Mike insists that he's the youngest of the three.)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break

Escaping the winter weather of North America, Mike McVay wears his JAYNE-FM clothing in Destin, Fla.

Pre-Spring Ratings Visit to WLDE

The WLDE Programming Minds recently met in close proximity, bumping heads, during a recent meeting at the station in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Pictured are (L-R) APD (and future PD) Captain Chris Didier, Mike McVay and Ops Manager/PD (and future GM) Lee Tobin. The three were together recently during Mike's Pre-Spring-Rating visit.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Disco Ball at CRS

Who said Country programmers can't dance? Ed Salamon at the CRS Disco Ball.

Surprise guest Gloria Gaynor.

Taylor Swift sang songs older than she is. Disco Tayler at the Ball!

Country stars came out to sing disco songs.

We eventually figured out that these Knoxville moms crashed the party in Nashville.

Where's the tongue, Blair?

Our host, Blair Garner, at the annual CRS Disco Ball.

Premiere's Rick Bucchieri joins Mike McVay at the CRS Disco.

Promotion Legend Joe Carrol poses with Mike McVay.

Proving that Big Men need love, too --- This trio took over the dance floor.

Rick Bucchieri from Premiere and Mike McVay.

Lifting a Leg and Shaking It - Disco CRS.

Lon Helton points enviously at Mike's disco jacket.

Mike and Tom Baldrico.

Mike McVay and Ed Salamon at the Blair Garner Disco Party.

Mike McVay and KMPS PD Becky Brenner.

Blair Garner dresses as Gene Simmons.

Ed Salamon dancing the night away.

Enough already .... move on and take some different pictures.

Jill Davidson with new World Communications poses with Mike McVay.

Joel Denver from All Access get's into the act.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CRS Imaging &Creativity Seminar

The Country Radio Seminar always features great panels and lively discussion. The Imaging & Creativity seminar was hosted by Country singer Jack Ingram and boasted our own Mike McVay.

Pictured (L-R) Mike McVay, Jay McCarthy (recently PD at KMLE/Phoenix, Ingram, Phatt Matt (Imaging Director for The Wolf/SFO) and Brian James (Imaging and Voice Talent).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jaye Albright Inducted into Country Radio Broadcasters Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our friend and associate Jaye Albright for her induction into the Country Radio Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Jaye Albright and her family at her induction ceremony.
(Keir Kornbau, Jaye Albright, Judy Kornbau, and her Aunt Betty Hanzlizk).

KMPS-Seattle PD Becky Brenner introduces Jaye.

Jaye Albright gives her acceptance speech.

Jaye Albright.

Mike McVay congratulates Jaye's sister Judy and Aunt Betty.

Another shot of Jaye and her family.

McVay Media Fun at CRS 2008

Hunting for Mike McVay's missing credentials.

This poor woman still can't find Mike's credentials.

Mike gets in...only to have Chris Loss, Director of National Promotions for Valory Music, turn his world sideways.

Gunnar Nelson with Mike McVay.

Mike McVay, Heather Cohen, and Sue Wilson.

Mike McVay and the Jewel Crew pose with the superstar.

Sharon Alexander and Sue Wilson, the Women of WQMX-Akron.

Proving that Cougars can still look hot...

Celebrity Names at Country Radio Seminar 2008

Alan Jackson and band play at CRS 2008.

Alan Jackson.

Jewel enjoys a private dinner with the McVay team.

WSM's Bill Cody

Bobby Kraig induction ceremony.

Charlie Daniels entertains at age 70.

Charlie Daniels with RJ Curtis

RJ Curtis at the Country DJ Hall of Fame Ceremony