Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The West Virginia Broadcasters Convention

The West Virginia Broadcasters Association held their annual TV and Radio convention in Charleston on March 28th and 29th. Mike McVay was the primary leader for a four-hour workshop and then attended the Awards Banquet.

Mike is pictured with Miss West Virginia 2009

Steve and Jenny, the morning team on WVAF (V100) in Charleston, WVa, won Personality of The Year 2009. Pictured (L-R) is Rick Johnson (OM/PD of WVAF), Jenny Murray and (President of West Virginia Radio Corporation) Dale Miller.

Donna Williams, Interactive Director of Sales - West Virginia Radio Corp, Mike Buxser and wife Carol, pose with Mike McVay during the 2009 West Virginia Broadcasters Convention in Charleston, WVa.

Mike Buxser (VP/GM West Virginia Radio Corp in Charleston, WVa) poses with V100/Charleston morning talent Jenny Murray and their consultant, Mike McVay. Missing from the picture is Jenny's side-kick, Steve Bishop.

Mike Buxser, VP/General Manager for West Virginia Radio Corp - Charleston, poses with award winning Jenny Murray and Mike McVay.

Gregory D. Carter, Market Manager WSWW-FM, Summersville, WVa poses with Mike Buxser, WVRC/VP - Charleston, WVa pose with their WVBA Awards from the West Virginia Broadcast Association.

Monday, March 30, 2009

James travels to Newfoundland

Jeremy Josse (Newcap Corporate Developer), James Thomas, and Brad Michaels (HITS-FM Program Director-St. John’s)

Friday, March 27, 2009

American Idol and successful recording artist Elliott Yamin recently visited 102-5/The Party in Nashville.

American Idol and successful recording artist Elliott Yamin recently visited 102-5/The Party in Nashville where his visit coincided with Mike McVay's visit. Pictured in various shots are Troy Hanson (The Party and The Buzz PD), Tincy Crouse (General Manager), Danny Buch (Red Records) and Elliott. These pictures also include Doogie from The Kid Kraddick Show (mornings on The Party) and Brandi (Mid-Day's on The Party).

Elliott Yamin and Mike McVay at The Party/Nashville.

Elliott, Mike and Troy pose at The Party & The Buzz in Nashville.

Danny Busch, Mike, Elliott, and Troy

Danny Buch of Red Records joins the pictures with Elliott Yamin.

Doogie, Brandi, Mike and Elliott Yamin pose at The Party/Nashville.

Tincy Crouse, General Manager for the Cromwell Broadcasting station in Nashville, poses with Elliott Yamin.

Tincy and Elliott

Josh and the Empty Pockets

Josh and the Empty Pockets visit with Becky Rogers and some of the KURB sales staff in Little Rock.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Air Show

River City Broadcasting of Columbus, GA recently sponsored the air-show. Check-out these station vehicles. Add wings and you have a plane.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A recent trip to Nashville

Jim Wood of Impact Radio Networks, Doug Stephan of the "Good Day" show and Mike McVay pose following a recent trip to Nashville

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Country Radio Seminar

The Country Radio Seminar recently took place in Nashville.
Pictured (L-R) are Mike McVay of McVay Media, John Paul of KUPL/Portland, talent coaches Valerie Geller, Tommy Kramer and Randy Lane following their Country Radio Seminar session "Talent with a Capital T."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TRS - Talk Radio Seminar 2009

Montel Williams, a client of The Weiss Agency and new to Air America, poses with KFI PD Robin Bertolucci and Eric Weiss during the most recent TRS 2009.

The Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa joins John Salley for a photo.

Scott Masteller Sr. Director of ESPN Radio poses with McVay Syndication's John Salley

Montel Williams, John Salley, and Patrick Hughes.

A nearly asleep Mike McVay with Patrick Hughes and John Salley

John Salley and Montel Williams.

Eric Weiss, Heather Cohen ( of the Weiss Agency) pose with Patrick Hughes and John Salley of the John Salley Show.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mike McVay and John Salley at TRS

Mike McVay and Mr & Mrs Rhett Palmer with John Salley - former NBA star and current TV and Radio personality.

Mike McVay with John Salley.

The Weiss Agency, a talent agency and the agent for Mike McVay, as well as serving as the network consultants to McVay Media

The Weiss Agency hosted a party during the recent Talk Radio Seminar in Los Angeles. Their clients attended a private dinner at the executive offices of The Weiss Agency.

The agency is located in the Charles Laughton Estate ... now owned by Harold Wroble ... a former network executive with The Premiere Radio Network.

Harold Wroble and Montel Williams.

Phil Valentine and Montel Williams.

Eric Weiss, Montel Williams, and Bob Moore.

Phil Valentine, Bob Moore, and Brian Whitman.

KNXT's Allen Stock, syndicated host Cindy Dole, Eric Weiss, and Heather Cohen of The Weiss Agency.

The lovely Jacqui Weiss (aka Mrs. Eric Weiss) poses with KCMO's Chris Stigall.

Heather Cohen, Mike McVay, and Rita Cosby.

KCMO's Chris Stigall and Westwood One's Phil Valentine pose on the Cliff overlooking the beach at Santa Monica.

KABC GM Bob Moore, Heather Cohen, and Phil Valentine.

Brian Whitman, Rita Cosby, and Tim Conway Jr.

Air America's Jon Elliot, KABC PD David Hall, and imaging legend Nick Michaels.

Air America's VP - Programming Bill Hess with Chris Stigall - Chris is a regular fill - in for Lou Dobbs.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mike McVay spoke at the 2009 PD Grad School for Dan O'Day.

The right half of the room - stage right

The Crowd at PD Grad School 2009

Mike McVay and Dan O'Day

Dan O' Day and Mike McVay Day #2

HERE'S a come-on line even SHE never heard:

At the Opening Night Talktail party at R&R's Talk Radio Seminar, McVay Media News/Talk Specialist Holland Cooke asks Suzanne Somers "Ever thought of doing radio?"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Peter Greenberg, World Traveler

Peter Greenberg, world traveler and host of Syndicated Solutions weekend program Peter Greenberg Worldwide, visits with Israeli President Shimon Peres during a recent visit to the Jewish state by Greenberg who logs more than 400,000 travel miles annually.