Saturday, July 19, 2008

Whitney Wolanin with Rick Gillette, PD of Kiss 103.5 in Chicago.

Kevin of “Kevin and Taylor in the Morning” walks a mile in ‘her shoes’!

This morning Kevin had to make-good on a promise to wear high-heels for an entire show in an effort to understand why Taylor complains about wearing heels. Kevin ‘hammed it up in heels’ in the attached video.

Kevin Avery/"Kevin and Taylor in the Morning"
104.7 The Fish, Atlanta, Georgia

Friday, July 18, 2008

Block Island Think Tank

Mike McVay recently spent several days on Block Island, RI in a "Think Tank" (as opposed to a drunk tank) with News Specialist Holland Cooke, Nephew Sean and Girlfriend Kim, Consultant David Bernstein & wife Debbie and Greater Media's Buzz Knight.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Daniel Anstandig.

The President of McVay New Media is seen here in mid-breath. There aren't that many candles on this cake. It's only going to get worse, Daniel!

30 Under 30

Daniel Anstandig at 30-under-30 2008.

Daniel and Heather - McVay Media's 2 Under 32!

Cumulus VPUrban and Oldies - Jim Kennedy.

KGGO's Tonya Campos and Heather Cohen of The Weiss Agency pose with Greg Thompson of Canadian Music.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Down on the Farm

Paige Nienaber recently welcomed city slicker Mike McVay to their Minnesota farm. Pictured is the whole Nienaber family in front of their hundred year-old farm house. (Mike wouldn't allow anyone to take HIS photo on the farm.)


McVay Media's Mike McVay poses with one time client Jewel. Ms. Kelcher has crossed-over to country where she's doing well at the radio level.

Gunner Nelson

Mike McVay with Gunnar Nelson during a recent mind-melding of Media and Music. Gunnar, one of the famous twins who headlined in the early 90's as "Nelson" is also in a celebrity rock band named "Scrap Metal."

Saturday, July 12, 2008

McVay Media Summit Superstar Personality Panel

The McVay Media Summit @ The Conclave 2008 concluded with a superstar personality panel. Pictured (left to right) are talent agent and former programmer Heather Cohen of The Weiss Agency, author and former general manager Tracy Johnson of M2O Media, Inutitive Medium and on-line personality Nan O'Brien, Mike McVay of McVay Media, Ramona Halloway of The Matt & Ramona Show, and KDWB/Minneapolis morning start Dave Ryan.

McVay Media at the Conclave!

Mike McVay introduces the band Genuine Sun at the Conclave 2008.

Dave Ritz of Genuine Sun.

Genuine Sun performs at the Conclave.

Holland Cooke and Adam Wilbur of The Oasis syndication company.

Kelly Fitzsimmons of Comic Wonder presents at The Conclave.

Legendary voice talent Nick Michaels presents at The McVay Media Summit.

Radio's BEST FRIEND Art Vuolo and RADIO LEGEND Ed Salamon.

Barb Richards and Michelle Novak at The Twins Game.

Callann Lane performs at the Conclave.

Callann Lane.

Daniel Anstandig during his New Media presentation.

Rita Cosby visits Mike McVay and friends at the Conclave

The women of WECAN pose with Rita Cosby during the recent Conclave in Minneapolis.

Mike's Angels - Heather, Ramona, Rita and DA MAN!

Ramona Holloway and Rita Cosby at Conclave 2008.

Rita Cosby with John Martinson.

Scott Meyers from Tesh Media, Ramona of The Matt & Ramonna Show w- Rita Cosby.

Barb Richards of WAJI/ Fort Wayne poses with TV Anchor and Author Rita Cosby.

Daniel Anstandig and Rita Cosby with the team from the Nan O'Brien Show.

Heather Cohen, Chris Byrnes, Rita Cosby and Sherman Interep pose during The Conclave.

Keith Berman from R&R Magazine, Rita Cosby and John Tesh EVP Scott Meyers.

Mike McVay and conclave attendees with Rita Cosby.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Buffalo's Best Ambassador

Regent Buffalo's Joe Chille was Master of Ceremonies in 2003 when Tim Russert was inducted into the Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Nice Regent Buffalo connection to Tim.