Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mike's visit with KOSP

Mike McVay poses with KOSP (Star 105-1) OM Mary Fleenor while visiting Springfield - Branson MO

OM Mary Fleenor + Lisa and Boomer from Star 105-1 in Springfield

Star 105-1 Springfield Chris & Summer in the Morning

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pictures from the FOM Dinner

Casey Acevedo from the Dan Tooker in the Morning Show on Magic 93.1 KZMGBoise, ID, Geri Jarvis and Dave Jagger of Grand Rapids and San Antonio radio fame, Mike Rosen of KOA/Denver, Cindy Barton of the Morning Show on WLTE/Minneapolis, Heather Cohen of The Weiss Agency, Rick Bucchieri of The Premiere Radio Network, Keith Abrams of Denver and Salt Lake City radio fame, Gary Nolan PD of KOSI/Denver and Jesse James of The Wolf/Denver joined Mike McVay for his traditional FOM (Friends of Mike) Dinner. The dinner took place in Denver during Don Anthony's 20th Anniversary MORNING SHOW BOOT CAMP!

Cindy Barton and Dave Jagger

Mike McVay, Heather Cohen, and Casey Acevedo

Mike Rosen and Casey Acevedo

Rick Bucchieri and Jesse James

Dave Jagger and Geri Jarvis

Friends of Mike with Mike at the head of the table

Friends of Mike

Keith Abrams, Heather Cohen, Gary Nolan, Jesse James, and Cindy Barton

More From Conclave

Consultant to consultant .... Steve Warren poses with Mike McVay during the recent Conclave. The man in the bright orange jacket would be .... uh, our fearless leader.

Legendary programmer Lee Abrams recently spoke at The Conclave in Minneapolis. Pictured is McVay Media's Mike McVay and Abrams. Lee, soon to be the host of the WGN Late-Late Movie, asked McVay for pointers on how to look scary.

Mike Butts with Martina McBride

Mike Butts (mornings on Cool for Delmarva Broadcasting) and wife Beth pose with Martina McBride following a recent Ocean City concert.