Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The McVay New Media team poses in Philadelphia at the NAB 2009.

(L-R) McVay New Media President Daniel Anstandig, and team member Faith Megna, are joined by Rockie Thomas, Lee Cornell, and Bob Dunphy of Greater Media atop the roof of The Phoenix Building.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Neil Diamond during his video shoot at Warner Brothers.

Stella Prado, the PD of KOST/Los Angeles, recently posed with Neil Diamond during his video shoot at Warner Brothers. (OK! You got us! She wasn't able to make the shoot ... so we superimposed her face on KIIS PD John Ivey's body.) Hey ... Neil looks good!!! (Just teasing and having some fun.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Skatgit Valley

Delilah's Producer Janey was in Skatgit Valley this weekend. Janey is riding 150 miles on her bike for MS.
To read Janey's story, visit:
Delilah's Seattle affiliate (the market where the race took place) KRWM, covered Janey's participation on the air, and was a sponsor of the event to battle Multiple Sclerosis.

Producer Janey (The Delilah Show), with Dr. Lilly Jung during a recent Ride for the Cure event near Seattle. Dr. Jung (Swedish Medical Center-Seattle), recently consulted the treatment of Delilah's son, Manny, who was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


WMJC/Long Island PD Jon Daniels celebrates the stations second best EVER rating month since PPM began. Daniels and the staff at the Barnstable station know how to celebrate. Notice "Lucky" the Long Island Duck on his computer. The duck is the long lost cousin of Lucy, Ducky, Donna and Drake. Ducks come from BIG families.

Mike McVay ... the original Puppet Master ... puts words in the mouth of many air talent. Pictured in the role of "the dummy" is Phathead from WMJC/Long Island morning show. He' was a good sport, but we now know HOW Mike sprained his ankle.

The World Famous midday marvel Malibu Sue posed with Mike McVay during his recent visit to Long Island. Sue is generally the most listened to Hot AC talent on Long Island. Sue and Mike pose on the "first day of school" for Sue's twins. She celebrated not having to worry about latch-key-kids by playing "Today's Best Mix" all day.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Shakira recently visited WLTW/New York City.

Shakira recently visited WLTW/New York City and posed with PD Chris Conley. Who says that AC has to be boring?

WMJC/Long Island

Cobra Starship poses with Phathead from the morning show on Long Island's WMJC Radio. The band was "reading the bumps" on Phathead's head. The art of Phrenology is practiced by the band.

Michael Franti and Cherine Anderson pose with Phathead, the WMJC Morning Maven, during a recent visit.

Cobra Starship flashes the official "sign" of WMJC/Long Island. PD Jon Daniels (middle) poses with the band.

Jon Daniels imitated the pose with his own show of he with the "Island Sound" performers.

The Pheet of Phathead (WMJC/Long Island) with Michael Franti and Cherine Anderson.

Neil Diamond is soon to launch a brand new Holiday CD.

Among the classics is a fun original that incorporates the titles of many of Neil's hits. The new Christmas Classic is titled "A Cherry Cherry Christmas."

Pictured are (L-R) Azoff Music's Steve Zap, KIIS/Los Angeles PD John Ivey, Neil Diamond, Star and MY 104-3/Los Angeles PD Andrew Jeffries, and McVay Media's Mike McVay.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Relaxing on Labor Day! Our founder."

Happy Sailing!

Mike McVay and WTAM/Cleveland PD Ray Davis aboard Ray's boat during the Cleveland Air Show. The ride took place on the Sunday before Labor Day.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The programming team of PMB in Columbus, Georgia and Mike McVay during a recent programming strategy dinner.

Jimbo Martin and his team recently enjoyed an unprecedented increase in all four (4) of their properties. McVay Media began consulting the PMB owned Columbus, Georgia stations just before the start of the Spring 2009 Arbitron. The owner and his team of PD's were treated to a marvelous dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Martin's home. Seen spoon feeding Mike McVay is Jimbo Martin.

The team members included the various PD's. Congratulations to the teams at WGCQ, The Truth, The Ride and Kissin' in Columbus, Georgia!!!!