Thursday, September 10, 2009


WMJC/Long Island PD Jon Daniels celebrates the stations second best EVER rating month since PPM began. Daniels and the staff at the Barnstable station know how to celebrate. Notice "Lucky" the Long Island Duck on his computer. The duck is the long lost cousin of Lucy, Ducky, Donna and Drake. Ducks come from BIG families.

Mike McVay ... the original Puppet Master ... puts words in the mouth of many air talent. Pictured in the role of "the dummy" is Phathead from WMJC/Long Island morning show. He' was a good sport, but we now know HOW Mike sprained his ankle.

The World Famous midday marvel Malibu Sue posed with Mike McVay during his recent visit to Long Island. Sue is generally the most listened to Hot AC talent on Long Island. Sue and Mike pose on the "first day of school" for Sue's twins. She celebrated not having to worry about latch-key-kids by playing "Today's Best Mix" all day.

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