Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rita Cosby visits Mike McVay and friends at the Conclave

The women of WECAN pose with Rita Cosby during the recent Conclave in Minneapolis.

Mike's Angels - Heather, Ramona, Rita and DA MAN!

Ramona Holloway and Rita Cosby at Conclave 2008.

Rita Cosby with John Martinson.

Scott Meyers from Tesh Media, Ramona of The Matt & Ramonna Show w- Rita Cosby.

Barb Richards of WAJI/ Fort Wayne poses with TV Anchor and Author Rita Cosby.

Daniel Anstandig and Rita Cosby with the team from the Nan O'Brien Show.

Heather Cohen, Chris Byrnes, Rita Cosby and Sherman Interep pose during The Conclave.

Keith Berman from R&R Magazine, Rita Cosby and John Tesh EVP Scott Meyers.

Mike McVay and conclave attendees with Rita Cosby.

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