Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Talk Radio Seminar in Washington D.C.

Holland Cooke, United Stations talk show host Lou Dobbs, and Mike McVay pose together at TRS (The Talk Radio Seminar) in Washington, DC.

The glamorous life: News/Talk specialist Holland Cooke spends time with Michelle Jerson ( and Heather Cohen of the Weiss Agency.

Jeff Katz, air talent at WBT/Charlotte, poses with Eric Weiss of The Weiss Agency during TRS '08 in Washington, DC.

Daniel Anstandig and Rob Nichols, Emmis Interactive Indianapolis, during the Interactive Seminar at TRS (Talk Radio Seminar) in Washington, DC. Daniel moderated the session held on March 14th.

Consultants and Strategists John Parikhal, Michael Packer joined Mike McVay for a rare photo op. The three programming wizards have more than 120 years of combined experience. (Mike insists that he's the youngest of the three.)

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