Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to Canadian Music Week in Toronto

Welcome to Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Mike McVay, Daniel Anstandig, Dave Lange, Chris Byrnes and Mike O'Malley all represented The Advisors Alliance quite nicely. This is a poster that was positioned outside of the conference center door. It's a collector item. Pictured are longtime friends Erica Farber, Fred Jacobs, Valerie Geller and our own Mike and Daniel.

Welcome to Canada and Canadian Music Week ... where every radio station is named Jack. These guys are a breakfast team on ... well ... a station named Jack-FM! They play whatever they want.

This is a LIVE display for the promoters INDIE POOL. They featured what was designed to look like a trashed hotel room, beer bottles and an unconscious woman. They were actually asking people if they wanted to pose with the model. Right! That picture would be titled "Exhibit A" in the divorce trial.

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