Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"The Home That Marconi Built" .... also known as The Martin Estate.

Jim Martin, owner of River City Broadcasting, Mike McVay, Lee McCard (PD WJBO), Brian Thomas (PD of WKCN), Dave Arwood (PD of WGCQ) and Al Haynes (PD of 95-3/The Ride) pose in front of "The Home That Marconi Built" .... also known as The Martin Estate. The lovely Debbie Martin and her husband Jim & son Christopher welcomed Mike and the PD's into their home for some amazing souther cuisine.

The wide-camera view of The Martin Estate. The home, owned by Jim and Debbie Martin, was originally built in 1880 and was in downtown Columbus. It was disassembled in 1943 and rebuilt several miles outside of Columbus, GA. The home now sits on a hillside overlooking a beautiful lake and several hundred acres.

The Martin Family raises peacocks. The agressive male (named Romeo) lives in the wild and outside of the peacock coop. Living inside the pen, with the two hens, is the less agressive male ... and obviously the luckier bird. Jim Martin named the heretofor unnamed bird "Mike" after our fearless leader. We're not sure if the comparision is because Mike McVay is always preening like a peacock or if it's because he was the one who chided Jimbo for not having named the second male. Pictured is "Mike the Peacock."

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