Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NAB 2011

There were a lot of activites during the NAB/Las Vegas.

Eric Weiss, CEO of The Weiss Agency, poses at the NAB/Las Vegas with Weiss Agency EVP Heather Cohen

A group assembled before a Celine Dion show at Ceasers Palace. Pictured is a group of luminaries from Entertainment Tonight, WPIX-TV in NYC, Univision in LA, McVay Syndication, McVay Media and world renowned voice over talent Steve Kamer.

Jack and Nancy Anstandig, Sheila Kirby and Rita Jones from the NAB, CBS Radio EVP/Scott Herman and from The Weiss Agency (and McVay Syndication consultant) Heather Cohen.

A sign, backstage at The Flamingo, above the stage entrance for the Donny & Marie Show.

McVay NEW Media's Dan Halyburton speaking at the RAIN Seminar during the NAB/Las Vegas.

Jeff Pollock and Lee Abrams pose during the RAIN Summit at the NAB/Las Vegas. We threatened to use the caption "Yesterday & Today."

McVay NEW Media's Dan Halyburton and The Weiss Agency's Heather Cohen pose during the RAIN Summit at the NAB.

The Speakers Slide from the RAIN Summit during the NAB

McVay NEW Media's Jon Erdahl, Legendary Voice Actor Nick Michaels and Canadian Consultant John Parikahl during the most recent NAB in Las Vegas.

The team from Listener Driven Radio got together during the NAB. They're pictured here enjoying Sushi at a late-night Japanese restaurant.

This is the view from the House of Blues FOUNDATION ROOM balcony in Las Vegas. McVay Media and George Johns Consulting joined forces for a "Legends & Liars Libations" party. Assembled were the legendary George Johns, Mike McVay, Bill Gardner, Rod West, Reid Reiker, Gary Russell, Eric Weiss, Brandon De 'Amore, Ray De La Garza and more luminaries. The crew refused to be photographed without an appearance fee being paid.

McVay NEW Media President Daniel Anstandig, (and Partner in Listener Driven Radio) spoke at the RAIN Summit during the NAB/Las Vegas.

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