Friday, December 31, 2010

Radio Lunch

Back Row L to R: Saville Kellner (Black Card Radio) Kurt Kelly (Kurt Kelly VO & Production) Joel Denver (All Access Music Group) Randy West (VO & TV Game Show Announcer) Don Barrett ( publisher) Art Vuolo, Jr. (Radio's Best Friend) Charlie Cook (Country Radio Consultant with McVay Media) Gregg Ogonowsk (Bob Orban Communications) Kevin Carter (R.A.M.P. editor) Front Row L to R: "Shotgun Tom" Kelly (K-Earth 101 LA) Wally Clark (Media Consultant) Jim Hampton (Greenhouse Marketing Group) Jhani Kaye (PD K-Earth 101 & KTWV LA PD) Don Whittemore (formerly with RCA Records/owner Dandy Don's Ice Cream) and Charlie Tuna (famed LA personality/now in syndication with Black Card Radio)

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