Wednesday, August 18, 2010


During a recent visit to WAJI/WLDE, Fort Wayne, our very own Mike McVay joined General Manager Lee Tobin, WLDE Program Director Captain Chris and mascot "The Money Monkey" Ryan Thrower (sans mascot costume) at the minor league ball park home of The Tin Caps. Pictured is Mike McVay loosening up and then swinging away.

Lee Tobin, Captain Chris and Ryan Thrower in the role of "Curly, Larry and Moe and the ballpark."

(L-R) Captain Chris (PD of WLDE/Fort Wayne), Ryan Thrower (Mascot - The WLDE Money Monkey ... Sans Mascot Costume), Lee Tobin (Sarkes Tarzian General Manager), Mike McVay (Former Major League Baseball fan) relax in the dugout of the Fort Wayne Tin Caps following their exhausting day at the ball park.

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