Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ashley Nemeh

Ashley Nemeh, the singer/songwriter, recently visited Kiss/Pittsburgh PD Alex Tear. Alex, the Operations Manager for Clear Channel/Pittsburgh, is heading to Miami for the same position at the legendary Y100 (WHYI) and will also oversee the Clear Channel Cluster. Ashley sends him off in style with this pose.

Bob Neumann, the Operations Manager and PD of WRMF/West Palm Beach, takes time out from his busy broadcast schedule to pose with singer/songwriter Ashley Nemeh. Ms. Nemeh was in South Florida exploring the opportunity to have a hurricane named after her. Hurricane Ashley flew through radio stations and posed for a ton of pictures inside of 6 days. Batten down the hatches.

Nemeh is everywhere .... here she is in South Florida. Ashley Nemeh poses with Those Two Girls In The Morning from WFLC/Miami. Julie Guy and Tamara G are seen here with the singer/songwriter.

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