Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ravens Loser in the Middle

The McVay family roots originate deep in the heart of coal country and the foothills of Pennsylvania. It's also the heart of Steeler Country. The Steelers are going back to the Superbowl after defeating the Baltimore Ravens. There's quite a deep family rivalry between the Steelers and the Ravens. The scene of the winning jersey earlier this season was a family gathering for Ike Fmura, formerly of Youngwood, who lives in Miamisburg, Ohio, and brother-in-law David Currey of Baltimore. Currey donned a Ben Roethlisberger shirt at Christmas. The next family get-together is a Father's Day picnic -- known as pay-up day.
Michael Fmura (One of two namesake's of Mike McVay) David Currey (the Loser) and Nephew of Mike McVay, former radio professional Ira "Ike" Fmura. David lost a bet and had to wear a Big Ben Rothlisberger jersey.
"One time we bet and David had to wear a Bus (Jerome Bettis) jersey to a family get-together, and people were congratulating him on the Steelers winning the Super Bowl," Fmura says. "He didn't like that at all."

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