Friday, December 12, 2008

Seems like all we do on my Puerto Rico visits is work, work, work…and eat.

At the famous Cuban-Puerto Rican delicacy restaurant Ropa Vieja on the Condado in San Juan, Jerry King sits with the beautiful people from Uno Radio. L-R Bottom: Ray Cruz, Uno Radio VP/Programming, Joel Rivera, Fidelity PD, King, Edlyn Cartagena Díaz, Programming Assistant-Marketing, and top, Xavier Alvarado, PD of CHR WCMN (Toca De To’). The guy in the back is just eating.

Here’s the view from the balcony of my San Juan/Condado hotel of a sailboat out in the Atlantic as a storm approaches and the palm trees sway in the warm tropical breezes. Welcome to Winter, USA!

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