Thursday, October 16, 2008

'The Surreal Life' starring Mike McVay

One of the greatest joys of consulting is the people that you meet when you travel. Mike McVay recently had an experience that he described as surreal. He was in the Gainesville-Ocala market when he was invited to meet The Godfather of Music Producers …. Bruce Swedien and his wife Bea. Bruce has produced everyone from Count Basie to Michael Jackson and won several Grammy’s for his work on Jackson’s CD “Thriller.” He recently finished a project with Garneau Band. The group is fronted by brothers Jordan (18) and Josh (15) and managed by Dave Waller. Waller is also one of two vocalists working with Gameau Band. Their video to the song “Keep the Dream Alive” is on-line at

Pictured also is Shane Finch, (Operations Manager for Asterisk Communications in Ocala), and Bill Barr (morning personality) with WMFQ Gainesville-Ocala. Mike is the second grayest man in these pictures. Didn’t we say that one of his greatest joys is visiting people on the road?

Bruce - Shane - Bill and Mike (seated)

Jason, Bruce, Jordan and Mike

Josh- Bruce- Jordan- Dave and Mike

Shane - Josh - Bruc - Bill - Dave and Jordan (Kneeling)

WMFQ's Shane Finch with Afternoon Drive Diva Toni and Mike McVay

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