Monday, October 01, 2007

Mike McVay and Friends at the NAB- R&R convention in Charlotte.

Mike McVay and Chubby Checker discuss HOW Mike's hair can be grayer than Chubby's hair.

Mike Musick with Chubby Checker.

Singing sensation Cali poses with Chubby Checker at the McVay Media cocktail party during R&R.

Todd McCoig of AMG Management poses with Chubby.

Brock & EJ from WJKK in Jackson, MS join Mike McVay for a photo op.

EVP for The Wesiss Agency, Heather Cohen, joins Mike McVay at the NAB- R&R convention in Charlotte.

Kurt Johnson (KVIL and Jack-FM in Dallas), Steve Jones (ABC Networks), Lisa McKay of WQDR- Raleigh, Heather Cohen EVP of the Weiss Agency and Alfredo Alonso, SVP Hispanic for Clear Channel were all part of a panel moderated by Mike.

Lisa McKay of WQDR-Raleigh with Mike at the R&R Convention.

Blaster Records President Tom Porter and R&R Publisher Erica Farber pose during the convention.

Chubby Checker and singer/songwriter Alixcia.

Country singer Davey Smith poses with Chubby Checker.

Genuine Sun performs at the R&R Convention.

Heather Cohen, The Weiss Agency EVP, poses with Chubby Checker ... the two won the evening twist competition.

Jerry King - VP Ops for McVay Media- getting mugged by Chubby Checker.

Kevin Peterson of R&R with Chubby Checker.

Mike Dennison, Tom Porter, Dave Ritz of Genuine Sun, Mike McVay, singer Cali and singer Mike Musick pose during the R&R Cocktail party.

Mike McVay introduces Genuine Sun.

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